Friday, July 21, 2023

Smith & Wesson .22 Magnum Pistol

 In 2011 I joked about Ruger introducing a .22 Magnum pistol - (Ruger to introduce new .22 Magnum pistol?) I spoke with a Ruger representative in 2015, and suggested it to them. Here is how I noted his response, "Ruger tells me that to have soft enough brass for reliable ignition, there is too much danger of a blown case."

It seemed to me that if Kel-Tec could produce a viable .22 Magnum pistol, one of the big manufacturers could, too. 

Fast Forward to 2023. Smith & Wesson has done it. Here is a picture, and a link to its web page.


I am glad to see that S&W has stepped up and done this. I am pleased, too, that they are moving to Maryville, TN.

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Steve S. said...

You know I'll have to look at this one very closely!