Monday, April 10, 2023

Rules for Anti-Radicals - - a book review

Leftist radicals have a long history of using dirty tricks in order to win elections and move our society more and more towards socialism. In recent years the Democratic party has moved further and further to the left, leaving little chance to have meaningful conversations across the aisle. Many in the Republican party have also been all too willing to kowtow to the Democrats and compromise away our Constitutional rights, particularly the right to keep and bear arms, as enumerated in the Second Amendment (2A). 

Politics is an arena many of us in the conservative gun rights movement have little to no experience in and no idea where to start.

Enter Paul Valone

Valone has written the textbook on the subject. His Rules for Anti-Radicals - A Practical Handbook for Defeating leftism is an invaluable source for you if you want to get involved and be effective in restoring the right to keep and bear arms. If you are already involved,you will stlll learn from his experiences. I suggest getting the paper edition, because you will want to refer to it often, make notes in the margins, and use lots of bookmarks. 

Valone tells of his involvement in the gun rights movement beginning in 1994, and carries you up to very recent times in his odyssey. He tells of successes and failures, while overall progressing toward restoring the 2A. 

Not content to tell you what he and Grass Roots North Carolina  have done, he is sharing his methods with you. He even has several boilerplate plans in the appendices. These plans could be adapted to some of the situations where you live. 

For example, here is a partial excerpt from Appendix II of the book -

Issue Plan: 

Judicial Fairness Project “Defund Police”Mailings 
Using our super PAC, the Judicial Fairness Project (JFP), “defund police”petition mailers are intended to use the issue of individual and family safety to defeat North Carolina House candidates who also support gun control legislation. 

Defeat seven leftist Democrat candidates who are gun control supporters and who signed a national “defund police”petition: . . . . The mailings will be timed to arrive just prior to the first weekend of early voting. 

Target Demographic 
Polls find roughly two-thirds of Americans oppose defunding police, . . . the target demographic for the mailings will be unaffiliated male voters who vote only presidential elections. 

Targeting the second level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, mail pieces will stress that by signing a national petition to defund police, the candidate opposed has prioritized a radical leftist agenda over the safety of the recipient and his family. . . .

Delivery Method 
Mailers will be half page flats mailed at USPS Presort First Class rates using the mailing house bulk permit . . .

We all have choices in life. If you wish to make your involvement in the 2A more effective, you can do what many of us have done, learn by experience and mistakes, or move ahead on the curve by buying this book and applying the knowledge base that's already out there.

Full disclosure. The author supplied me with a digital copy of the book for this review.

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