Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ruger to introduce new .22 Magnum pistol?

Not that I know of,  but Ruger has apparently cloned another Kel-Tec, the PF-9.

First it was the LCP which took the KT P3AT configuration, and added a slide stop. The rest, as they say, is history. LCP sales have been very successful.

Then, the Glock OS with the addition of a manual safety gives us the SR-9, which is, in my opinion, a sweet gun.

Now, with much fanfare, comes the Ruger LC9. To me, it appears to model the PF-9, with the addition of a manual safety. Michael Bane's video review is HERE.

So, why not a new .22 Magnum auto-loader, with a few 'improvements' on the KT PMR-30.
- - -Maybe a magazine safety (yuk), and a striker fired system; and lets go whole hog and add a .22 Long Rifle conversion kit in the box. All for a MSRP of $499. This would be a real poor man's Five-seveN.

Seriously, I think LC9's will sell like hotcakes for Ruger. Recoil will be snappier than the SR-9's, but certainly softer than the LCP's. 

Now, to see who's packing some real big heat check out MJM.

UPDATE JANUARY 2013. If you like the idea, contact Ruger Customer Service and let them know.

UPDATE APRIL 2015. Ruger tells me that to have soft enough brass for reliable ignition, there is too much danger of a blown case. Consider the .22 TCM 9R.

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