Cooper the wonderdog

Somebody loves me!

Cooper loves to chew her beef bones.

Christmas 2019
Cooper's First Christmas

Watching Happy's Christmas show

Playing with a new toy

Today, Friday September 6, I got a video of Cooper fetching the newspaper.

Today, Tuesday August 27, Cooper picked up the newspaper and carried it all the way to the door.

Cooper just over 5 months  old.

Cooper learning to bring her toys
and put them in her basket.

Watchin' you watchin' me

Spending quality time together

Bluedog is the best littermate

If I only had thumbs

RR paw pattern. The pads of her other three paws are solid black.

Getting a blow dry at 12 weeks.

Yesterday, Cooper turned 12 weeks. Here she is the day before that demonstrating the SIT command. Because of the wind, you have to listen closely for the command.

Cooper is ready for her bath. She doesn't mind the water at all. 85 days old. She now knows sit, stay, down, dead, - sort of!

Here Cooper is going for her first solo ride in the truck. Destination: a visit with her vet.

Today, May 23, she went for her first ride in a harness. Due to her small size, we had to create a makeshift restraint system. The paracord is clipped to her harness and a carabiner clips to the paracord and seat belt. The seat is covered with a plastic bag (just in case) and a beach towel covers the entire back seat. Worked great.

Almost ten weeks old, looking like a little fox.

At around ten weeks, a pup should recognize her name. On May 21, 2019, when she was 69 days old, she was consistently looking when I called her name.

Yesterday, several times in the day (70 days old), I used the clicker to get her to sit. Today, May 23, she seems to have it. I give her the sit command, and she immediately sits. I click, then treat. 

Today, Cooper is nine weeks and two days old. She is learning to ring the bell to go potty. She knows where to potty. We're still working on where NOT to potty. 5-17-19

Here she is at 51 days, the day we brought her home. 5-3-19

Here is the first photo we have of her, at about 6 weeks.

Here is Cooper with her litter-mates.

Here is her mother, Ginger Snap with a cat.

Here is her family beginning with her father, Curly Larry Moe .

Cooper (not Jeff) was born March 13, 2019. The name given her by her birth family was Dahlia. We were originally told she was born on March 15, so we gave her the name Ida, and because of her light copper color, Cooper. Thus, Dahlia Ida Cooper Matthews. We call her Cooper.

To be continued . . .

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