Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Zeon Zoysia - the story continues

A decade ago, I started posting about growing Zoysia grass in Tennessee. You can see links to related posts in the Tennessee Lawn Grass tab above.

I first became acquainted with Zoysia when my dad planted a piece of Zenith Zoysia sod in our back yard. Over the years it spread and created a slowly growing  beautiful green carpet. Over the years I have started Zoysia in several yards. I have plugged Meyer* Zoysia in a Fescue lawn, which it took over. I have planted Zenith Zoysia seed in lawns with some success. The seeded lawns require lots of pampering, but grow very well, once established. 

Last year, I tried Meyer plugs in a Bermuda lawn, with no success. So now I am going to try and establish some Zeon Zoysia sod, and then transfer winter plugs as described in the tab.

Here's a pic taken three days after the sod was installed:

 Meanwhile, here's a pic of the first bloom on our new perennial hibiscus. It has about an 8" diameter:



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