Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are Tennessee Republicans paying attention?

The national GOP party platform is very supportive of 2nd Amendment firearms rights. If R&R sweep into office, and get a majority in both the House and Senate, I fully expect National Reciprocity to pass.

Meanwhile, back in Tennessee, the leadership of the Republican Party took the position that a good citizen, who has had a background check, been fingerprinted, and ID'd, can't be trusted to take a gun back and forth to work and leave it locked in the car. They seem to think, not unlike the national leadership of the other party, that lawful gun owners are just one argument away from becoming a mass murderer.

This same leadership has steadfastly refused to bring Constitutional Carry to pass in Tennessee. I suppose they think us hillbillies aren't to be trusted. Not like those folks in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming, whose natural right to self protection has been codified into law. These states' leadership recognize that inherent, God-given right to self preservation with the most useful tool, the handgun; without having to get a permission slip from the state.

The National Rifle Association and Tennessee Firearms Association took a stand against the Tennessee Republican leadership; supported, and helped Courtney Rogers soundly beat part of that leadership, Debra Maggert.

The remainder of the leadership can pay attention now, or pay attention later, when their colleagues are steadily picked off by TFA and NRA.

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