Monday, October 10, 2011

Zebra F-701 Pen

The Zebra F-701 is just a ball point pen, but it has a thick-walled stainless barrel, and could be pressed into service as a last ditch weapon.

It has several added advantages. It is inexpensive, as seen here at Amazon. It is not billed as 'tactical', and should be airport friendly. It is also available at WMT.

For your inner geek, check out the Gear Journal modifications. It is called the $5.00 tactical pen by The Firearms Blog. H/T to MJM for the heads-up on The Firearms Blog.

I use one every day.

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Liston Matthews said...

Further review of the F-701 at this site:

Still a good pen. Still unmarked. Still better than a snowball in a pinch.

Herry Johnson said...

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