Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tennessee 6th senatorial district race - final days

News reports indicate that early voting turnout has been poor. Once again, a lethargic electorate is on the verge of letting other people control the legislative process, leaving only themselves to blame. . .
This election could very well turn on which candidate can mobilize their base the best  - - and the best may not have to be all that good.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel reported today on some issues they surveyed the candidates on. I will touch on one, the 'guns on campus' question.

A bill before the legislature would allow citizens (specifically campus employees) with carry permits to carry handguns on college campuses.

Their responses to the News Sentinel Survey go like this,
DeFreese said she supports that. Roddy and Massey said they favor letting administrators of each campus decide the rules.
 These survey answers point to major differences among the candidates. Roddy and Massey, understanding that left-leaning college administrators are unlikely to authorize campus carry at all, indicate support for the status quo disarming of victims.

Defreese's response indicates that she understands what fundamental rights are all about.

At a recent Examiner column, I noted DeFreese's responses to a gun rights questionnaire, and the other candidates's failure to respond.

I noted in that column that Roddy favors disarming women in some locations such as parks, and now we know she includes college campuses.

Massey's web site indicates support for the Second Amendment in the home. Her response to the News-Sentinel question indicates she also favors disarming adult voters on college campuses. The question is, where does she stand on right to carry in other venues?

A recent look at campaign disclosures showed Massey and Roddy way ahead on fund  raising. It seems like DeFreese's best chance of winning this race is mobilization of her supporters.

With such a low turnout in early voting, if voters will look for the candidate with core beliefs; who supports the right to life of unborn children; who supports the right to personal defense; the answer becomes clear.

DeFreese is the only choice!

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