Thursday, July 15, 2010

You are on your own

Suppose you call 911, and nobody comes. That idea seems far-fetched, but if you are in Oakland, California, as Brian Williams reported tonight, this is you reality.

Now for the rest of the country, this is not currently a problem, but . . . suppose there is a major weather disaster, or another terrorist attack. How high on the priority list do you  really think you will be. Odds are, if you need the police, they won't be able to come.

Even under normal conditions, it usually takes more than ten minutes for them to arrive. If your home is being invaded, you can only depend on yourself.

Just like with car insurance, seat belts, and fire extinguishers, the time to prepare is beforehand. If you are thinking about arming yourself, now is the time. And, of course, you need training.

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Disclaimer: The information and ideas presented in this column are provided for informational purposes only. Gun rights, like all other Constitutionally recognized rights, must be exercised responsibly. Firearms, like cars, kitchen knives and life itself all can be dangerous. You should get professional training as part of any plan to use firearms for any purpose. I have made a reasonable, good-faith effort to assure that the content of this column is accurate. I have no control over what you do, and specifically accept no responsibility for anything you do as a result of reading my columns. Any action or lack of action on your part is strictly your responsibility.

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