Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrating the 4th with open carry*

I previously wrote on the absurdity of the Knox County, Tennessee fireworks ban. Only those operating with licenses are allowed to use them. The result is that there are beaucoup scofflaws in Knox County.

As for me, if I am to spend money on things that go bang, I'll stay legal, and ammo is better. . . and, on July 4th, as I sat on my front lawn and watched all those illegal fireworks being fired, I had my pistol on my hip. This precipitated a nice conversation with a neighbor who was unfamiliar with the firearms heritage we have in the United States.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, the inherent right to bear arms must be recognized by all political subdivisions of the United States, whether tin-horn potentates like Chicago's Mayor Daley want to recognize it or not.

*Open Carry

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