Friday, July 16, 2010

Vote Ramsey in the Tennessee gubernatorial race

For gun owners,  Ron Ramsey is the clear choice!
Today is the first day of early voting in Knoxville, and the State of Tennessee. Get out and vote.

Ron Ramsey's views on guns

TN candidates respond to gun rights quiz - Governor - Ron Ramsey

TN candidates respond to gun rights quiz - Governor - Haslam

There were no responses from Wamp or McWherter.

Candidate responses to the Tennessee newspapers' survey appear here, with my commentary here.

Haslam states he kept Knoxville the 'most gun-friendly big city' in Tennessee, yet  is on record as urging City Council to keep Knoxville Parks as gun free zones. Maybe we should call this the 'least gun-unfriendly big city'  in the state. See the video HERE.

Wamp has missed umpteen votes in Congress since he started running for Governor. He broke the term limit pledge. Will he break others, also?

Is Ramsey perfect? No, but a far better candidate that the others. He walks the walk.

Vote Ramsey!

 Vote early, and if you live in Chicago, vote often.

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