Saturday, July 17, 2010

Richard Petty rifle gets death penalty, accomplice gets 150 days

In a Knoxville News-Sentinel article this week, Bruce Wayne Cromer Jr., of Stovall, NC, is reported to have received a 150 day sentence for killing an elk in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. U.S. Magistrate Judge Dennis L. Howell ordered Cromer to forfeit his rifle for destruction, according to the Citizen Times of Asheville.

The rifle, autographed by NASCAR racing legend Richard Petty, apparently fits into the evil object category, at least according to the Magistrate. Move over, Chucky.

Seems like Hizzonor might have considered having this firearm auctioned, with the proceeds going towards retiring the national debt, or towards elk herd management, or...... The provenance of this rifle, while not rising to the height of a Dillinger piece, would probably help fetch more than fair market value on

And, of course, had this happened in a Tennessee (not Federal) park, state law now prohibits this type of destruction.

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