Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The case for constant carry

 We may never know the facts surrounding the Paul Pelosi attack. But we do know home invasions can occur anytime, anywhere.

In my previous post I made the case for the small discreetly carried 22 pistol. Now, here are some reasons for constant carry of the 22 pistol.

  • The bad guy won't call ahead.
  • If it is locked in the safe, it does you no good.
  • It may take too long to even go get it in another room.
  • If kids are about, you can't leave it lying about. The most secure, available place is on you.

I saw one report that said the police arrived in about two minutes after being called by Pelosi. That is an absolute rarity. The response time is, in most cases, going to be ten minutes and up. Ask yourself, what can happen in two minutes.*

Greg Ellefritz has recently written on carrying the 22. He discusses his reasoning here.

Could Pelosi have benefited from being trained and armed? What do you think?


*The electric toothbrush

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No Political Lemmings said...

Paul Pelosi was attacked in front of at least one law enforcement officer as he walked away from the LEOs and to the attacker. Why didn't the cops shoot the hammer-man?