Monday, June 6, 2022

Another reason Red Flag laws make no sense


As I mentioned in a previous post, Red Flag laws, also known as Extreme Risk Protective Orders, (often involving an ex-parte hearing), deprive a person of their legally owned firearms through governmental confiscation. 

This is followed by an expensive uphill battle to regain possession of the firearms.

There are several constitutional reasons that these are bad laws, but some practical reasons, too. When the G-men take a person's firearms, they have no reason or obligation to take his matches, charcoal lighter fluid, or gasoline.

They also do not take vehicles. We learned recently of a vicious multiple victim attack with a vehicle, and a vehicular attack on a woman and child in California, as reported by Fox News.

Screen Grab from Fox News report

What's to keep someone under a Red Flag ban from using a vehicle to do the same? Their good will?

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