Thursday, May 13, 2021

Pistol or Prozac?

Tucked away in the Blue Ridge of North Georgia, just below the Tennessee state line is McCaysville, GA. There are lots of things to do, ride the train, explore mountain towns and countryside, hike, fish, go rafting; and you should make a visit to McCaysville Drug and Gun a top priority.

I got to speak with Randy Richardson, and we discussed the short supply of firearms and ammunition. He said lever actions are almost non-existent. On the other hand, Turkish shotguns have been available, and his customers have been satisfied with them. 
I thought he had a surprisingly good stock of handguns for today's market. There was not a large supply of ammo on the shelves though.

Richardson practicing rules 2 & 3 of gun safety.

Richardson and I discussed the fact that he could sell long guns across state lines, but if he sells a handgun to someone from outside Georgia, he must ship the handgun to a FFL dealer in the buyer's state of residence.

They are a real drug store, so they can actually dispense Prozac to patients with proper prescriptions.

Just go there when you get a chance....

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