Friday, January 10, 2020

The Ruger 57

Eight years ago, I joked about Ruger introducing a .22 magnum auto-loading pistol. I even spoke to a Ruger employee at an NRA convention about the idea, who poo-pooed it.

In that piece, I wrote this:
So, why not a new .22 Magnum auto-loader, with a few 'improvements' on the KT PMR-30.- - -Maybe a magazine safety (yuk), and a striker fired system; and lets go whole hog and add a .22 Long Rifle conversion kit in the box. All for a MSRP of $499. This would be a real poor man's Five-seveN.
Well, Ruger went one better and produced their own Ruger 57, at a much
Ruger 57 from Ruger website
reduced MSRP (vs FN - $1435) of $799.

With this pistol in production, and with hopes that more ammo manufacturers will get on board and drive ammo prices down to a reasonable level, this just may be a big success.

Power with reduced recoil in a full-size yet lightweight package. Hmmm...

What do you think?

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Gary Johnston said...

The upside is the increased capacity and fun of shooting a zippy round through a fairly light handgun.
The downside is the cost of ammunition vs a 9 mm; the reliability of the rim fire vs a center fire round and the actual tested stopping power vs a 9 mm.
Until the cost of ammunition comes down below 9 mm ammunition it will lag in sales.