Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Gear review: LAPG Sling Pack

The one problem with backpacks is that they are "back there". I have used one or another for over a half century, and they are very practical for many situations. I even have a couple that have skate wheels and an extendable handle. One of those could serve as a carry-on bag if travelling very light.

However, some times the fact that the bag is "back there", makes it inconvenient. Enter the SLING BAG OR SLING PACK. I have been wearing LAPG pants and shorts for several years. They have cargo pockets, and use a fabric that goes from the dryer to the drawer or hanger; and they are ready to wear. When you catch them on sale, they are a really good deal.

When I saw that LAPG offered a sling pack, I decided to take a close look. After reading the description, the reviews, and the Q&A's, I went for it. For 20 bucks plus shipping, why not.

Since it came from the left coast, economy shipping meant it came around the cape, through the canal, or by mule drawn wagon, but it got here in about a week and it was worth the wait!

The bag is ambidextrous, meaning their is a bottom strap on each side, so you can rig it to go over either shoulder. You can, when needed, wear it in front as the situation warrants.

Here are some pictures from the LAPG website:

 It is available in OD, coyote or black.

The strap from the bottom comes out of a hidden pouch, so the unused one stays out of the way.

The rear pouch inside is large enough to put a 15.3" Chromebook in, and is padded.

Here is a picture of one loaded with some gear.

...And, if you are into off-body carry, there are two pistol pouch zippers at the bottom next to your back. The pouch is lined with the loop portion of hook and loop fasteners (like Velcro), so you can put a holster in it to cover the trigger. Be aware, it is open all the way through.

If you are looking for this type bag, I recommend this one.

(I bought this item from the LAPG web site at full price, and received no compensation from them.)

What do you think?

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