Monday, April 30, 2018

And now POTUS

President Trump, White House Photo

I recently reported that VP Mike Pence will be speaking at the NRAAM in Dallas. Now we learn from Fox News that President Trump will also be in attendance.
The Secret Service will be in charge of security while POTUS and VPOTUS are there, so, once again,


As I commented at Fox news,
Contrary to what some are saying, the historical record shows that the NRA Annual Meetings (NRAAM) for quite a few years have been open to carrying of firearms, in accordance with state, local, and Federal laws. Some are calling the NRA hypocritical for "banning guns" when VPOTUS speaks at NRAAM in Dallas. That is pure rhetoric. Whenever a person such as POTUS, VPOTUS, or anyone subject to Secret Service protection, attends an event, be it NRAAM or a rally in Saginaw, MI, weapons of any type are not allowed. I spoke with President Trump at the NRAAM in Nashville, and have video of the conversation. I was armed at the time. Mr. Trump was not under Secret Service protection at that time. You on the left keep saying you want to have a conversation about guns. How can we have an intelligent conversation when you emit such garbage.

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littlemike said...

WOW! I knew about Mike Pence, but now POTUS is going to be there too??? Again, WOW! That will be 4 years in a row I have seen him at a NRAAM! How cool!