Sunday, May 6, 2018

Administrative things - May 2018

1. There are links that I think are worth looking at in the green bar at the top of this blog.

  • Got Jesus? - Well do you?
  • Knox Gun Guy - From my time in Tennessee.
  • Tennessee Lawn Grass - I relate my experimentation with Zoysia grass in Tennessee; I think it is the best all around lawn grass for the South.
2. On the left side.
  • My mugg
  • A subscribe link. If you like my work, you can subscribe there. This is running on a Google product which makes it easy for you to unsubscribe whenever you wish. Give it a try.

3. On the right side.
  • My work that has been popular with readers.
  • My blog list. This shows the latest posts of bloggers I have an interest in. They update each time one of those folks posts something new.
I regretfully reserve the right to not approve comments if, in my opinion, they come from the Left, or if they do not meet my decency standards; or if I just don't like them. The Google blog platform is free and available, as long as you meet their standards. Maybe some should start their own pages.

I will always try to answer serious questions.

I appreciate your cooperation.

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