Thursday, May 1, 2014

Photos from NRA Indy 2014

Here are some pictures I took at Indy. For the related story, see my Examiner article HERE.

With Blaine from Illinois Firearm Safety, showing off our permits. Welcome to the club, Illinois.
Looking forward to the day the 2A is restored and permission slips . . .
. . . are no longer required
Tom Gresham of Gun Talk Radio at the Ruger booth

Open Carrier Darrin Drudge with daughter

I did not know there was a Weber Grill restaurant. Great burger! Photo by MJM

David W. with his intricately carved SIG 1911 grips

With noted firearms trainer Rob Pincus

With Nikki Goeser

The Cornered Cat, Kathy Jackson, with Massad Ayoob 

Trainer Dave Spaulding

Tara Heller of Magpul next to the Magpul bus

What's that?

The Gunny and a friend

Top gun salespeople

Spotted in an NRA Training seminar
I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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