Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sheep, sheepdog, or . . . porcupine?

The idea of sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves describing most of us has been advanced by Lt. Col Dave Grossman:
The sheep are the everyday citizens who go about their business clueless to what's happening around them.
The wolves are the human predators who prey on these sheep.
The sheepdogs are the ones who protect the sheep.

Then, there are the armed citizens who realize that the sheepdogs are not always nearby, and may have to fend of attacks by the wolves. I have not known of a good descriptive name for these, until this week.

This Sunday I heard a caller, Rex, on Tom Gresham's Guntalk describe himself as a porcupine. His statement went something like this, "I'm kind of a porcupine, you know ..., I just amble along,..., I don't feel a responsibility to protect someone who won't protect themselves,...., but you don't want to mess with me..."

Tom says, "I like it."

So do I!

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I like it, but this idea is already being used by the Free Statepeople.....they have a "porkie" logo


Chris said...

I dunno, I think I'm too accustomed to thinking of porcupines as "survival food" to want to be one!