Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Take action for safer parking lots in Tennessee

From TFA

TFA Email Campaign on Employee Safe Commute Legislation
URGENT - the link/page below is directly to the action center on the TFA website. This page will allow you (and all your friends) to send emails to the Tennessee General Assembly (your individual legislators + all members of both judiciary committees + the governor) telling them how YOU feel about the EMPLOYEE SAFE COMMUTE bill (a/k/a parking lots bill).
It is important that we let our voices be heard - by the thousands - to support this bill because it is almost certain that Speaker Beth Harwell and others who are "first and foremost aligned with Big Business" will try to stop this legislation. It is going to require that we call upon the conservative legislators (not necessarily equal to ALL of the GOP) in both houses and in both parties to carry this bill to law. It will have substantial resistance by those with large and powerful PACS.
Please go to this site now and take less than a minute to participate.  Then, forward this message to every email list that would be interested in this change in the law.  Next, post this campaign and link on every web forum, blog or bulletin board whose members  you believe may have an interest in this change in the law.

Click here to participate:

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