Friday, November 5, 2010

Did Tennessee Democratic Party's mudslinging backfire?

My Examiner column quizzed some political candidates prior the recent election. Some candidates did not answer, others answered in a general manner which really did not reveal their views on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA).

Stacy Campfield, who won the 7th Senatorial District in Tennessee, and Randy Walker, his opponent, both responded to the questionnaire, with links HERE. Campfield's answers, as well as his history in the Tennessee Legislature, indicate support for the individual RKBA. Walker's answers seemed vague to me.

A Democratic Party mailer quoting the "Knoxville Examiner Gun Rights Questionnaire" as their source, stated,

Campfield wants to let anyone carry a gun. He'd let convicted rapists and child sex predators carry concealed guns into churches, playgrounds, and even child care centers and schools.
While mudslinging ads are to be expected in most elections, this one was just over the top. Anyone with reasonable intelligence could not draw that conclusion from Campfield's answers.

And, in case you have been sleeping like Rip Van Winkle since 1968, you would know that convicted rapists and child sex predators are felons, and have no right to own a firearm; no, not even a single bullet.

Democrats lost many other races in Tennessee, in a historic move to the right by the electorate. Even the Governor-elect, Bill Haslam was smeared by the Tennessee Democratic Party.

It seems to me that their mudslinging seriously backfired.

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