Monday, November 15, 2010

A brace of 9mm's - part II

UPDATE SUMMER 2012  I just could not get used to the long, double action trigger pull on the P-11. I sold it, and got the SR9-C, which is a smaller SR9 and operates exactly the same way, with approximately the same trigger pull. More on it later . . .

As I related in my previous post, gun number one of the pair is the Ruger SR9. I completed the pair with the KelTec P-11.

There are plenty of smaller sized 9 mm's to choose from, and my interest was piqued by some offerings from Taurus, and the KelTec P-F9. I have had good experience with the KelTec P-3AT, and the P-F9 is like one of those on a mild dose of steroids.

In keeping with my stated scenario of perhaps needing quite a few rounds in a defensive situation, I decided to take a look at the P-11 and compare it to the P-F9. The KelTec specifications page reveals a few facts that might not be apparent at first glance.
  • Although the P-F9 is very flat, it is only .12 inches narrower than the P-11. Slight advantage P-F9.
  • The P-F9 is the same height as the P-11. Call that a tie.
  • The P-F9 is .25 inches longer that the P-11, making it a little harder to stuff in a jeans pocket (in a pocket holster, of course). Slight advantage P-11.
  • The P-F9 holds 7+1 and the P-11 holds 10+1, or 12+1 with the optional magazine. So a magazine and a spare gives a total of of up to 25 rounds vs. 15 for the P-F9. Big advantage P-11.
If you get a Smith & Wesson Model 59 magazine as a spare, your capacity goes up further. There are some out there that hold 30 rounds.

As I stated in the SR9 article, I wanted the same manual of arms for both guns. With the P-11, it is once again, pull, point, and shoot.

The P-11 is equipped with a 'standard' magazine release button on the left side, under the thumb. This is like most modern pistols. The slide locks open when the magazine runs dry. The trigger has a long, nine pound pull. This is the only thing I don't like about the gun. Think double-action revolver. The P-F9, by comparison releases at about five. KelTec does offer a trigger shoe for the P-11 that is probably worth getting.

This gun, like the SR9 functioned flawlessly when test fired. It, too, keeps them on a sheet of copy paper at 25 yards. I like it.

So, there you have it, the second member of the brace of 9 mm's.

Where to buy? The SR9 is commonly seen at gun shows. Some dealers stock the P-11. But, I recommend that you check the Gun Genie before you buy anywhere. They have a live inventory, and you get to select a local dealer to have it delivered to. Order it online today. Pick it up locally tomorrow.And the Gun Genie has a lifetime replacement warranty.

What would you pick, if you were to pick a pair?

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Sigman said...

If I were to carry a small 9, I'd look at the S&W M&P in 9mm. 12+1 in the standard mag with the option of 17 round spares. I know it isn't as thin or short as others, but it has mild recoil, good trigger and is utterly reliable(at least the ones I've shot have).

Montana said...

I picked the Sig P239 as my regular carry gun (backed by a P226 when I can hide it). And the PF9 as my deep carry gun. The longer/heavier trigger and thicker profile takes the P11 out of the running for me.