Friday, December 3, 2010

Voting with their feet

In an article at the Patriot Post, Colonel Ollie North states that,
If he (President Obama) has his way, he will demolish the finest force for good in the history of mankind -- the U.S. armed forces. And he wants to make it all happen before the end of the year.
North goes on to say,
Nearly 25 percent of those now serving -- and as many as 32 percent of Marines -- said they are likely to leave the service rather than be assigned to live with and serve beside active homosexuals.
OK, I know that you just don't walk away from a military commitment, that's called desertion. But, if as many as 25 percent of our GI's leave at their earliest legal opportunity, this would significantly impact our military's war-fighting capability.

Such social engineering and destruction of our enemies seem incompatible to me.

What do you think?
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Bob H said...

This is a stupid argument. There have been gay troops and officers in all branches since the beginning of armies. There were gay officers and sailors when I was in the service in the late 70's. Everyone knew they were gay, we just didn't talk about it because it was against the rules.