Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tennessee Governor's race, the final week

Last year, Bill Haslam met with the Knoxville Tennessee Firearms Assocation (TFA) group, and indicated he was in the learning mode. Many were skeptical, including this writer. He went on to recommend to the Knoxville City Council that they keep their 1962 parks ban in place. Indications were that he had not learned enough at that time.

More recently, however, Haslam has addressed the Nashville area TFA group, and his statements indicate he has learned. At that meeting, he indicated that he would sign a permit-less (Constitutional) carry bill if it was sent to him by the Legislature(video). And today's News-Sentinel story has him in favor of parking lot carry.

In contrast Mike McWherter, indicates his elitist disregard for the rights of Tennessee firearms owners. He thinks that we hillbillies can't be trusted to use good judgement, and therefore: 1) should not have had the restaurant carry bill passed this year, 2) surely can not be trusted with carrying a firearm until after we get our permission slip from the state, and 3) states his opposition to keeping a defensive firearm in a parking lot at one's place of employment. See his comments in the News-Sentinel links above.

Here's a quick look at the three issues I raise with McWherter - -
  1. Restaurant carry: It is now law in Tennessee. No gunfights reported as a result. Lawful citizens are still good citizens, even when they are packin' heat.  Just like in the many other states where this has been law for years (handgunlaw.us).
  2. Constitutional carry: Vermont has had this for decades. Alaska and Vermont now have it. And vehicle carry is legal in most states contiguous to Tennessee without a permit required (handgunlaw.us). Open carry (not concealed) on the person without a permit is lawful in five states contiguous to Tennessee(opencarry.org).
  3. Parking lot carry: First, you must come to grips with the idea that a disgruntled employee will not be stopped or slowed down by a no guns policy in the building or the parking lot. Second, to prevent an employee from having the means to self-preservation available (under the guise of property rights) is unconscionable.
In conclusion, we can hope that Haslam has learned. And it is obvious that McWherter, in a typical leftist stance, opposes individual gun rights, and wants to keep as many impediments as possible limiting the right to keep and bear arms.

Vote Haslam!

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