Thursday, September 9, 2010

Veterans beware

Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State, and Knoxville has had its share of men and women go off to war for Flag and Country.

Now we learn from Fort Smith Gun Rights Examiner Steve Jones of a veteran who has administratively lost his Second Amendment rights.

This veteran, Wayne Irelan, was declared, with the stroke of a bureaucratic pen, a prohibited person. This means that Irelan may no longer own or possess a firearm, under Federal law.

It gets worse. No one who lives in his home may own or possess a firearm there. So, by extension, his family members have become prohibited persons, thus denied the best tool to provide for their own defense against unlawful aggression.

So, veterans, if you find yourself being asked by the Veterans Administration to sign any documents assigning anyone as a guardian of your checkbook or anything else . . . BEWARE!

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