Thursday, July 29, 2010

Knox City-County Building posted

City-County Building Sign photo by Liston Matthews

Accessing your seat of government is not easy for citizens of Knoxville and Knox County, as I experienced this week.
Parking and walking is not too bad, for those of us in good health. The problem is, as with any city, finding a good place to park. Parking on the street is problematic most of the day.

That leaves parking garages, which don't have a reputation for being the safest place to park:

Going to the City-County Building means you can't take your defensive firearm, so what do you do for personal defense between the time you get out of your car in the garage, and your arrival at the C-C? As you can see from the picture, pocket knives (the sign says legal pocket knives) can be checked at the door.
So, while the criminal can choose whatever he wants if he decides to waylay you, you are limited to a medieval (very) short sword.
Keep in mind that the best way to win a fight is to avoid one. Always be vigilant. Be observant, and stay in condition yellow, as I mentioned in my Examiner Starbucks piece.
Be aware, also, that the Tennessee Theater on Gay Street and the East Tennessee History Center, 601 Gay Street are posted; as are Cafe 4 and Preservation Pub in Market Square. Then there is Krutch Park, which like all Knoxville City Parks, is posted.
Now, here is an interesting twist in Tennessee law. Seems that if you use a handgun in legal self-defense, you don't need a permit to carry. TCA 39-17-1322 states, "A person shall not be charged with or convicted of a violation under this part if the person possessed, displayed or employed a handgun in justifiable self-defense or in justifiable defense of another during the commission of a crime in which that person or the other person defended was a victim." [Acts 1994, ch. 943, § 1.] Now, you figure that one out.

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