Monday, July 26, 2010

Arizona Constitutional Carry effective this week

Much of the recent news from Arizona has focused on SB1070, the immigration law. Almost unnoticed is the fact that Arizona's Constitutional Carry law goes into effect this Thursday.

Many Arizona police don't like it. They decry the fact that people will be able to carry concealed sans permit. Now, Arizonans have been carrying openly without permits for years. Why do they think that sixteen square inches of cotton will turn a good citizen into an evildoer? That hasn't happened in that bastion of conservatism, Vermont, where you couldn't get a permit if you tried.

Nor has it happened in Alaska, which has had permit-less carry for several years now.

Will blood run in the streets? NO! And one thing is for sure, states that ease restrictive gun laws usually see a drop in violent crime, as reported by Massad Ayoob. Read the research in John Lott's book, More Guns, Less Crime, available at Amazon.

That said, if you keep and/or bear a weapon, you have an obligation to get training in its proper use.

The Tennessee Legislature should be bold, and pass Constitutional Carry next year.

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Disclaimer: The information and ideas presented in this column are provided for informational purposes only. Gun rights, like all other Constitutionally recognized rights, must be exercised responsibly. Firearms, like cars, kitchen knives and life itself all can be dangerous. You should get professional training as part of any plan to use firearms for any purpose. I have made a reasonable, good-faith effort to assure that the content of this column is accurate. I have no control over what you do, and specifically accept no responsibility for anything you do as a result of reading my columns. Any action or lack of action on your part is strictly your responsibility.

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