Sunday, October 22, 2023

Gun free zones are STILL a bad idea!

I wrote the following in 2015 concerning 'Gun Free Zones' - - - 

Gun free zones are a bad idea. Now, once again, innocent Americans have reaped the reward of the gun ban utopian's dreams. Arbitrarily designating these areas shows that those who do so are out of touch with reality. There are at least two fatal assumptions they make:

  1. Criminal who don't obey the law will obey their sign
  2. Good people with guns will turn bad when they enter the designated ban area.

Well, in this case, there were again some good guys without guns in the ban area. The bad guy showed up, without an appointment, and massacred these Marines.

Details will come out. 

Questions will be asked, such, as was this person a radical Islamic terrorist? Was he a domestic terrorist? Was he just a run-of-the mill hoodlum?

Doesn't matter. 

The question that needs to be asked is, "When will these statist utopians wake up and get rid of these asinine killing fields for evil perpetrators??"

Are you a politician who has held onto this hopeless ideal?  Wake up!

Update October 2023 - the Marines' killer was identified HERE. With Hamas calling for worldwide jihad, it is long past time for our government to require us to disarm when we go to certain places.

The bad guys surely will not. 

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