Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Just carry!

 The recent massacre at a mall in Allen, Texas appears to indicate a troubling trend among peaceably armed citizens.

Too often, they leave their gun at home or in the car.

Reports indicate that the mall was a gun free zone (GFZ). Designation of an area as a GFZ means it is a criminal empowerment zone. 

Granted, there are areas where it would be very unwise to go armed, such as Federal facilities and other posted government areas. 

But, outsourcing your safety to a police officer who usually arrives somewhat later could prove fatal.

Society is fortunate that a police officer was already nearby when the Allen perp opened fire. He did a great job eliminating the threat. . . and as John Correia of Active Self Protection notes, Gunfights are won and lost in tenths of seconds sometimes . . . If you are unarmed, you are already minutes late.

John Correia lecturing at the April, 2023 NRA
Convention at Indianapolis.
If you hardly ever carry because you are afraid of getting made, consider a small pocket pistol with a laser, as I wrote about HERE.

Much sweat and treasure has been spent on restoring your right to keep and bear arms. Don't you think it's time to exercise that right. 

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