Sunday, July 24, 2022

The B8 target

 I think it is fun shooting at different sizes and styles of targets, but there are some practical reasons that go beyond fun. I had not thought of this aspect of the plain old B8, available free for printing HERE. You can use a quarter to make sure you are printing it to scale.

Here is a tactically relevant application for this target linked through The Firearm Blog:

"Many renowned instructors are using the B8 target in classes, but do we understand why? In a recent IG live, Steve Fisher went over some reasons we use B8 targets. It is obvious that a target with set dimensions gives a standard. This standard allows us to track our score and therefore analyze our score to see improvement. We compare current to past scores with the same or similar conditions. However, the B8 does far more for us. . . . The B8 resembles sizes that have anatomical importance."

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