Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Good Old Days

 From my friend David Cole:

With the election less than a week away, I think it is time for a final reminder of the importance of this decision regarding gun freedom. No matter how you personally feel about Donald Trump, there is no other choice if preserving the 2nd Amendment is important to you. There is no third way.

If you vote third party, or simply stay home (kind of the same thing), you are saying that there are other things more important to you than the 2nd Amendment.

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Unknown said...

As always, Liston! Right on target! Many rights in this country are hanging in the balance in this election. Personalities should never enter into our choice for President. It's about policy! Period!

Unknown said...

As always, Liston, you are right on target! Many ofour rights are hanging in the balance with this election. We should never vote on a candidate based on their personality. It's about policies! Most political candidates can "fake it till they make it". That's definitely not Donald Trump.