Friday, October 11, 2019

Muddy River Tactical Holster

Like many other Pistol People, I have accumulated my share of holsters, and even made a few. The problem is that practically every holster has some negative factor. Like handgun choice, compromise is the order of the day.

Defensive handguns need to be as powerful as a bazooka and as light as a feather. So, if you choose a .50 Desert Eagle as a defensive pistol, it may serve double duty as a boat anchor, but it will tend to make you have a list to starboard.

But, I digress . . .

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a holster. Some are:

  • Inside the waistband (IWB)
  • Outside the waistband (OWB)
  • Clock position*
  • Cant (tilt)
  • Shoulder - vertical
  • Shoulder - horizontal
  • Shoulder - angled
  • Belt thickness and stiffness

Front view
I gave up on IWB when I learned that you have to wear larger pants. Since I didn't carry the big gun every day (often opting for the pocket rocket), my waist tended to expand to fit the larger pants. Uh, not good!

Now, the chief advantage of IWB is concealability. But that advantage diminishes when a cover garment is long enough to cover the muzzle of an OWB holstered pistol. So, in recent years I have tried several different OWB holsters with varying degrees of success. One, of thick leather, has an attached magazine pouch. It has poor retention, though. Another, which I made, holds the pistol high and tight, but has poor retention.

Sweat shield is standard

Recently, I decided to try an OWB Kydex holster from Muddy River Tactical. I was pleasantly surprised to see the large number of pistols they make holsters for. They include two styles of belt loops with each order. A nice
choice, at no extra charge. Chicago screws also allow for cant adjustment.

I ordered the holster and it came quickly. My pistol fit perfectly, but there was a problem. The holster had almost zero retention. So I got on the phone and called Muddy River. Kevin, the owner answered. Wow! I started to tell Kevin the problem, and he asked my name, and order number. I gave them to him and he said, "I will send you a return label right now."

Dimple in trigger guard provides positive retention

He did.

I sent the holster back on his dime, they put a nice dimple in the trigger guard, and, Voila!, problem solved. I could have probably done that, but I thought Kevin would want to make it right.
Chicago screws and multiple holes
allow cant adjustment

He did.

the pistol slides in, snaps in place, and is held securely.

Based on reasonable price, speed, and excellent customer service, I highly recommend Muddy River Tactical.

*12 o'clock is front and center, 3 is on the right hip, etc.

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