Saturday, October 15, 2016

Zoysia growth 2016

This photo, the last of this season, was taken October 13, 2016. In addition to watering every other day, the area was lightly fertilized  again in September.

Contrast the picture above with this picture from August 2014, about 2 years ago.

As I have mentioned before in this series, the soil is a heavy clay subsoil. The builder scraped all the topsoil away.

My original essay, found in the Tennessee Lawn Grass tab above talks about propagation of Zoysia grass.

This summer has been particularly hard on all lawns in this area. Most Fescue lawns near me have become mostly crabgrass. my Zoysia that has not been watered has dried up.

This winter, I will transfer more plugs from good Zoysia sod into bare or dead areas, and let spring rains bring them out.

If you have any desire to install a Zoysia lawn, check out my tab above.

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