Friday, December 18, 2015

The Triad and the Donald

I spent many hours riding around from one missile site to another back in the seventies. I was in the USAF, stationed at F. E. Warren AFB, WY. Our goal was to keep as many missiles in the green, or ready to launch, as possible.

We were part of the triad, a three pronged nuclear spear:

  1. Land based ICBM's, such as the Minuteman Missile
  2. Sea based ICBM's, in submarines
  3. Nuclear bombs aboard our B-52 bombers

Well, those B-52's were busy fighting that Crazy Asian War with conventional  bombs, leaving only the two other prongs available for all-out nuclear war with the now defunct Soviet Union.

Trump seemed to have no idea what the triad is. That is disturbing, in a man who would be Commander-in-Chief.

Even yet, I would vote for him over Clinton.
UPDATE November 10, 2016. Trump is President-Elect. I have been very positively impressed with his position paper on gun rights. Happy to have voted for him.

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