Sunday, May 31, 2015

A preview of the rapture of the Church

Many Christians (including myself) believe that the rapture* of the Church will usher in a period of unprecedented lawlessness.

Recent murders in Baltimore give, perhaps, a hint of what that will be like. The Holy Spirit of God dwells in His people specifically and in world generally. In somewhat of a parallel, the police are among us, restraining, by their very presence, many evil actions.

In Baltimore, we hear the police have effectively withdrawn from the scene. Good citizens have been disarmed by decades of Democratic politicians. The result: a current state of general lawlessness.

When the Holy Spirit withdraws concurrent with the rapture of the Church, those left behind can expect to see Baltimore cubed.

Will you be among those that leave, or among those that live in that utter chaos?

*The sudden taking of all living Christians from earth.

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