Saturday, February 14, 2015

U.S. Flag being forced down in View Harbor Subdivision

Today, at 3 pm in View Harbor Subdivision in West Knox County, an Air Force veteran is being forced to quit flying the Stars and Stripes by the petty potentates of her HOA. The address is:

If yo can spare a few minutes on this busy Valentine's day, come out and show support for Delia Foster, a 24-year Air Force veteran, as she strikes the colors with the help of the American Legion.

The story was reported by Channel 10 and Channel 8 last night:

The Congress and the Tennessee Legislature should act on this clear​ freedom of expression issue. Any lout is Constitutionally protected if he wants to burn Old Glory, but someone who signed a contract to give her all, up to and including her very life; then gave 24 years for her, can't fly Old Glory!
​Please come out and support Foster.​

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