Tuesday, January 27, 2015

American Sniper

We have seen the news of record box-office receipts of the movie American Sniper.

Great, thought-provoking movie.

Guess what the gun-ban activists will go after now.

Guess what the next surge in rifle shooting will be.

Guess what sort of rifles will be in short supply for a while.

The answer is

Precision Rifles

- and remember the banners, unlike Goldilocks, can never find a gun that is just right!

  1. This gun is too accurate (deer gun, target rifle)
  2. This gun is too big (fiddy cal)
  3. This gun is too small (Satiddy night special)
  4. This gun holds too many bullets (AR-15, Glock 17)
  5. This gun is painted with camouflage. (with lead-free paint)
  6. This gun has a pistol grip. 
  7. This gun has a flash suppressor.
  8. This gun has a bayonet lug.

And hunter friend, if you thought your thutty-thutty was safe, think again. Stand together, or . . .

1 comment:

MJM said...

Funny 8 observations, but so true. A friend and fellow NRA member who is a big deer hunter once told me that he was right there with the gun control people when it came to "assault weapons" and pistols. I told him, "That nice Winchester Model 70 you adore? That's not a hunting rifle; that's a sniper rifle and they will be after it, next." Don't think that anything I said changed his thinking but he later dropped the tolerant-of-gun-control stance.