Monday, September 1, 2014

Zenith Zoysia growth summer 2014

Weekly photos of Zenith Zoysia growth summer 2014.

This has been watered twice this summer, maybe three times. Otherwise, only sporadic rainfall. This was seeded last year, and watered regularly that first season. The soil is a heavy clay soil. The original Fescue mix sewn by the builder did not survive its first summer without watering (before we moved in). See my Tennessee Lawn Grass post for details of best establishment of Zoysia.

I did not want to create a mud yard, so contrary to the best establishment practice, I ran a plug aerator over the lawn, sewed the Zoysia seed, then lightly raked it. This doesn't give coverage as quickly as tilling a good seedbed. But, enough gets started that it will eventually take over and crowd out any Fescue; and the results of seeding in the clay soil are illustrated in these pictures.

I predict two to three more growing seasons to achieve complete coverage. This Zoysia grass is very drought hardy, goes dormant until it gets water, then starts growing again.

July 3 - The orange soil is spray paint. Note stolon (runner) A crossing
from lower left to upper right.
July 10 - The knife tip shows the end of the stolon A. There is a clump of
grass to its right. Stolon B is barely visible at the top of the bare area.

July 17 - Stolon A has grown into the clump.
July 24 - Stolon A is leafing out near the orange pin. It has a branch
growing out of it to the left of the orange pin. Stolon B is progressing.
August 7 - Stolon A's branch has grown past the orange pin. Stolon B
is joined by stolon C at the top of the bare area.
August 14  - Stolon C has is now touching stolon B. 
August 23 - stolon C has crossed stolon B and grown about 3".
Stolon A's branch is leafing out (lower left).
Stolon A's branches to the left of the orange pin continue to grow.
This is what the the area should look like in 2-3 years. Few weeds, drought
hardy, uniform green color. No water needed except in extreme drought.

Straw colored in the winter. 

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