Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lessons from Ferguson, Missouri

Here are some points to ponder, when considering the last week+ in Ferguson, in no particular order.

  • If you are considering getting a defensive firearm, don't wait until you need it.
  • The police were not available to protect stores. Do you think that in a major calamity, they will prioritize on you?
  • Whether the officer was justified in shooting or not, his life is forever changed.
  • The bullet hits shown in the autopsy report on TV last night would be consistent with flinching. A right-handed shooter will often place shots to the lower left. If the young man was charging the officer, as one report stated, the first shots to the lower left would have been followed by the shots that got higher, culminating in the lethal shot into the head.
  • Some ask, why so many shots. The simple answer is that in a defensive situation (assuming that to be the case here), one shoots until the threat ceases.
  • A firearm or two with ammunition, emergency food supply, and water, are always in good order.
  • Civil order can deteriorate very quickly.

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