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Jason Zachary for Congress

I will be voting for Jason Zachary to represent the Second District of Tennessee. Status quo is not working in Washington, D.C. As part of that status quo, the Duncan family has held the Second District seat for half a century, almost 20% of our nation's existence. As he wrote in a letter to my wife some years ago, the only term limit Mr. Duncan agrees with is for the electorate to vote him out. Let's honor that.

With that in mind, I am reproducing, with permission, this from Bill Johns:

Letter to the Editor:

KNS and KNS Editorial Board-

Almost fifty years ago in 1965 when gas cost around .30 cents a gallon and a first class stamp cost a nickel is also when the former Congressman John Duncan, SR. was elected to office for Tennessee’s 2nd District.  At that time, no one had been to the moon, Silicon Valley was just in its infancy, and the Woodstock  Festival was even years off.  Since then the Duncan legacy has built and maintained their very own and personal “entitlement program” with this seat financed through five decades of US taxpayers, pork programs, and influence. 

Please do not mistake the facts presented to the voters here as anything beyond that.  Representative Jimmy Duncan seemed to be a very personable fellow based on my interactions with him and his staff over the years when I served as a vice president of economic development for this region, president of the Concord-Farragut Republican Club, and leader in many conservative initiatives.   However, it is definitely time for a  much needed change and we all know as East Tennesseans that the work that actually needs to be done in Washington, DC is NOT “rocket science”.  It is a “common sense” job and unfortunately, Congress with their record low approval ratings do not even produce much of that anymore. 

It is widely known that Representative Jimmy Duncan is so out of touch with the wishes and values of his district and its Ronald Reagan conservatives that his attitude borders on the line of arrogance.  For example, Representative Jimmy Duncan did not stand with our US military and troops when they were overwhelmingly and obviously were going to war, he also had no problem working with Jack Abramoff (the convicted felon and lobbyist known as Casino Jack) by going on one of those “fact finding junkets” to the CNMI, and he has twice endorsed Republican candidates during primaries which is a huge GOP “no-no”.  Unfortunately, Jimmy Duncan even in this current campaign although being highlighted of this unethical practice in 2012 by a third party, is still running a racket of generating wealth for his family members and staff through the direct compensation being transferred from his campaign and associated PAC funds. 

With all these sources being searchable and as submitted with this letter, I am supporting and voting for Mr. Jason Zachary.  Mr. Zachary has passion, intelligence, ethics, and is also the type of patriotic leader that our district deserves.  Mr. Zachary understands the US Constitution, technology, innovation, competitiveness, and especially what it takes to be a business leader.  Mr. Zachary deserves to be our next congressman for the simple fact he wants to earn it by truly representing the interests of our district.  Vote for Jason Zachary during the upcoming primary by using your common sense to send someone with common sense to Washington.  Fifty years of the status quo is enough.  Early voting starts on July 18th and the Primary is on August 7th.

Bill Johns, MBA, MPA
Farragut / West Knox


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