Friday, November 22, 2013

Knockout game vs awareness color codes

There has been much in the news of late about the knockout game, in which a thug surprises an unsuspecting victim with a roundhouse blow, or perhaps a stun gun. Some victims have amazing empathy for their attackers. (These have a propensity for removing themselves from the gene pool.)

But the rest of us might review Cooper's Color Codes of Awareness:
             White Relaxed, unaware, and unprepared     
                    Yellow Relaxed alertness         
                           Orange Specific alert      
                                  Red Fight trigger         

From my Examiner column: Although officialdom constantly seeks to disarm you with promises of protection, the reality is that you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. Always remain in condition yellow, a relaxed alert state. Note the shortest route to an exit, and don't be caught by surprise. Don't be caught with your back to the door, like Wild Bill Hickock.

When you go out the door, turn on condition yellow.

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Anonymous said...

Bologna. These days, you need to pretty be much on yellow in your own home. It elevates as you go out of your home, and depending upon where you are, you should always be on orange, at a minimum. Otherwise, you are setting yourself for an assault.

Anonymous said...

I call Bologna on your comment. Orange is being aware of a "specific" threat. That means Yellow is the highest state unless and until you identify a threat. You are just ratcheting the color codes up a notch to make it sound like you are smarter than the author. Fail. Have a nice day.

Anthony said...

Awareness For Awareness.
I bet 'Most People' have never even thought about their general 'Awareness'. Even those people that wear 'Awareness bracelets'. LOL JK That's Not Funny
I will surely Post A Link Back.
Thanks For The Great Article.