Saturday, June 29, 2013

Watching grass grow

Readers may have noticed my page on Tennessee Lawn Grass, and wondered about getting started with such a project. Well just go ahead and do it once and for all.

We were blessed beyond measure with a new home last fall, and I have been itching to start a Zoysia lawn at the new domicile.

A few weeks ago, I planted seed, after aerating the yard. I also bought a few pieces of sod from Mayo's Garden Center. Here are pix I took today. Click to enlarge:

Note the runner (stolon) in the middle of the picture.                                      

Many small seedlings mixed with weeds. By year 3, most weeds are choked out.

Note red runner in the middle of the picture.

Another group of seedlings.
We have been blessed with abundant rain recently, saving some watering expense.

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