Friday, March 22, 2013

Parking Lot bill passed in Tennessee

Sort of . . . This new law is, perhaps a step in the right direction, but leaves a lot of questions unanswered. The best thing is it protects employers from liability.

But, what happens if you are driving a rental car, and your gun happens to be in view? You could be criminally liable. So, its a good idea to make sure it is never left visible, and even better is a locking box. An added advantage of the locking box is that it makes the thief's job more difficulty.

The Republican legislature could have passed a really good bill, but settled, instead for mediocrity.

. . . and they are supposed to be on our side.

Meanwhile, Travelers Advisory for Colorado.  The recently passed bill banning 16 round or greater magazines could land you in the clink. After July 1, magazines of greater than 15 rounds, or magazines readily convertible to greater than 15 rounds are verboten.

From the Michael Bane Blog:
Here's the "inconvenience" the (Colorado) Governor is talking about — arrest for possession of a magazine with a capacity of greater than 15 rounds or a magazine that can be readily converted to such, confiscation of your vehicle (if the magazines were found in a vehicle or any other reason the police can think of), the magazines and your firearms, a trip to jail where you'll be booked, fingerprinted and thrown into a cell . . .
It looks like it is time for Coloradans as well as Tennesseans need to be looking for some truly conservative representatives to replace both Demos in Colorado, and Rinos in Tennessee.

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