Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wisconsin Governor Scott beats recall

As I write this Tuesday night, Governor Scott Walker has soundly beat a recall vote. Gun owners will recall that Walker, after years of vetoes by former Governor Jim Doyle, signed Wisconsin's handgun carry bill into law.

What now? It appears to me that this race is a precursor of the most important race in my lifetime. It will be challenger Governor Mitt Romney vs incumbent Barack Obama.

The honest truth is we don't know exactly what Romney will do if he is elected, but based on his recent history, we can be sure that Obama, if reelected, will have an influence on this great nation far after he has left office. We can say, with reasonable assuredness that he will change the mix in the Supreme Court. We had 5-4 decisions in both the Heller and McDonald cases. These cases, respectively, recognized the right to keep arms in Federal Enclaves (Heller) and the several states (McDonald). A different mix in the court, as assured by Obama if reelected, will push the pendulum back in the other direction.

Additionally, Obama has significantly accelerated this nation along the continuum from capitalism to fascism to socialism. Can the Republic bear four more years of such progress? I think not.

To all my friends who are loyal supporters of Dr. Ron Paul, the reality is that Paul simply can't win this election. So, PLEASE think carefully, and ask yourself if it is worth it to follow your heart and vote for Paul (if he becomes a third party candidate), or will it serve the greater good if you get behind Romney and defeat Obama. Which is worth more to you?

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