Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Students Take Aim at College Gun Bans

From Students for Concealed Carry

Students Take Aim at College Gun Bans
April 3, 2012 — Seven students were gunned down yesterday morning in California on
the same day that a national protest began to raise awareness about students being left
helpless against such murderers.
The national Empty Holster Protest, organized by Students for Concealed Carry,
involves students strapping on empty holsters to illustrate their defenselessness at the
hands of college gun bans. The event runs through April 6 and involves hundreds of
college campuses across the US.
“This is a poignant and ironic example of the very thing we’re protesting,” said David
Burnett, the group’s spokesman. “Colleges invite these shootings by guaranteeing
criminals their victims will be disarmed. It takes more than signs to fend off killers.”
Although the details of the massacre are still unclear, it remains apparent that
prohibitions against firearms were completely ineffective. Over 20 such college
shootings have occurred on so-called “gun-free” campuses since 2001. At the same time,
more than 200 campuses in six states allow students to carry handguns to class without
experiencing any such rampages.
“Gun-free zones are defense-free zones,” said Burnett. “Since our colleges can’t
guarantee our safety, it’s time for them to allow us a fighting chance and decriminalize
David Burnett, Director of Public Relations
Students for Concealed Carry
Students for Concealed Carry is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization
comprised of over 40,000 supporters which advocates for legal concealed carry on
college campuses.

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