Monday, January 2, 2012

Ruger LCR-22 yes, SR-22 no

Ruger has introduced three new .22 caliber handguns in recent weeks.

First, the LCR-22, which is an eight shot, .22LR version of their LCR (.38 Special or hand torturing .357 magnum.) This little revolver makes tremendous sense as a low recoil training companion to the the centerfire LCR's. And, it makes sense as a defensive handgun for those who can't tolerate the recoil of the centerfire versions.
Secondly, the just introduced the SR22, which looks at first glance like a Walther P-22. Now, this one doesn't excite me at all. With the SR name, I wonder why they did not make it a sub-caliber equivalent of their excellent SR9/SR40. It woulda, coulda shoulda been an excellent training pistol for those centerfire pistols. I am sure it will prove to be good Ruger quality, but I think they missed the mark with this one.

Ruger also introduced the SP101 in .22LR. This would be a good choice for those who like a .22 revolver with more heft.

Oh, and I am still waiting for their .22Magnum pistol.

What do you think?

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