Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not legal in Tennessee

Reports are out the Brits are buying baseball bats like crazy, to provide for their personal defense. Handguns have been virtually outlawed in Great Britain for quite a few years.

In Tennessee, carrying a baseball bat for defense is not a viable option:

39-17-1307.  Unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon.

  (a)  (1) A person commits an offense who carries with the intent to go armed a firearm, a knife with a blade length exceeding four inches (4''), or a club.(emphasis added).

This law, originally a slave code, has been modernized, and applies to all.

Betcha didn't know that!

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Linoge said...

I wonder if that applies to walking sticks / staffs / canes....

PMain said...

Whenever I carry a bat in my car, I always make sure there is a glove as well. It's not a club, it my bat to play baseball, officer.