Monday, January 10, 2011

Small pistols and revolvers - constant companions

In a recent post on handgun stopping power, I mentioned that the first order of business is to be armed. In that post, I mentioned the NAA mini-revolvers. These are about as small as one can go with a firearm. NAA has a new player in Beta test right now, that they call the Ranger Breaktop. This iteration of the mini-revolver adds the break top action of the Smith and Wesson Schofield to their .22 Magnum model. I wish I had thought of that. . . . Actually, I did. 

For a review of this revolver, see Jeff Quinn's review at If you think you would like one, contact the folks at NAA and let them know. 

For further reading on small handguns, check out 12 Concealed Carry Guns 12 Ounces or Less by Dr. Bruce Eimer.

For the latest in firearms news, check out SayUncle.

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Anonymous said...

You keep posting about the merits of the .22s and I'm just gonna have to buy one. Thanks for posting these.

Beaumont said...

The top-break adds a whole new dimension to the usefulness of these little guns. I once owned an older mini-revolver, and, on more than one occasion, found myself searching for the cylinder pin , having disassembled the gun for reloading. Even if it's the backup to a backup, one will need to reload once in a while, perhaps in less than optimum conditions.

Gun Cabinets said...

Yap you are Right i like Your ideas amazing.
Thank you for post..